Diamond Eternity Ring – A Promise Of Forever

An engagement ring represents the fact that a woman agrees to become engaged with her man and a wedding ring symbolizes that both decide to become one and marry. But how about celebrating each and every special occasion of your life? Eternity rings, on the other hand symbolizes different special events in a woman’s life.

Depending on what the giver which is usually the husband wants, eternity rings can have semi-precious stones including rubies, sapphires as well as emeralds.  However, the most common stone used is the diamond as diamonds also symbolizes forever.

There are two different kinds of eternity rings that one can find in jewellery stores or jewellery boutiques. The Full and the half eternity ring. The full eternity ring contains stones all the way around the ring whereas a half eternity ring only has half the stones.

Full diamond eternity ring is usually customized as the size and shape of the ring can no longer be adjusted because of the stones that are all the way around the ring whereas half diamond eternity ring can be adjusted according to one’s size and one can even replace the stones should one want bigger stones.

When wearing a diamond eternity ring or purchasing one, it is noteworthy to remember that full eternity rings tend to be much heavier than the half eternity ring. So if you are after comfort, then half an eternity ring would suffice. On the other hand, a full diamond eternity ring is also a good option if you are conveying your message of love to your wife.

Many women tend to replace their wedding rings with a diamond eternity ring together with their designer engagement rings to make it easier. Others on the other hand wear the three rings together or even weld them to become one. Depending on the person wearing them, either is acceptable so feel free to choose the right diamond eternity ring of your choice.