How was your experience by purchasing Manuel Spinosa Jewellery? Please, lets us know! For us your comments are highly regarded!

Today, I received my ring; in perfect condition it exceeded my expectations, thank you.

Frank Spencer


I already received my order! It was a bit tricky because the address was wrong and they went back to change it, this excellent diamond is better than I thought it was, excellent service from you, personal attention, which I appreciate and I'll refer to you, more customers, many thanks for everything. I want to congratulate you for the excellent service.
I am very happy with my purchase.

Patricia Huerta

Hi Manuel,

Let me tell you that the jewel is perfect! Just as you have it published.
Finally I can say that all my expectations were satisfied when I received my order.
I'm sure the price I've paid, totally worth it now that I see it in my hands! "
Your service and personal attention is more than great. I'm really pleased dealing with both of you.
From now on, you're my first choice for these types of purchases.
Really thank you very much.

Best regards.
Martha Huvermann

I would like to congratulate them on their website submission, it seems very original and exclusive in this age of information, provided me much easier way to decide what engagement ring to purchase for my girlfriend.

Carlos Fernandez

Was a great adventure getting the engagement ring for my fiancé, we live very far in two different countries and I knew that I wanted to give something beautiful something nice and of good quality, The thing was that I did not have much money, look at many shops here in my country, and then in several websites, auctions, many, but as I learned of diamonds, I realized that diamonds are expensive. But here with SpinosaJewellery, I found the value for money that has eluded my search for several months. Designs are beautiful and the option of fine materials is super good.

The Diamond really made my bride happy. It is not very large but not small, she says just the perfect size, and she enjoy it with pleasure, was still very happy to watch as her father was thrilled to see a nice rock on the finger of his daughter.

Thanks a lot

Sergio Hernandez

Dear team of Manuel Spinosa Jewellery,

As you can imagine at first I was rather reluctant to buy a 6.28 of diamonds on the internet.

The first problem facing us is a possible fraud of payment by credit card and the second and more importantly the authenticity of the diamonds, if it is real or genuine. Once I overcome this doubt and concern, a long exchange of calls and e-mail, very easy. The diamond ring, as promised by the team of Manuel Spinosa Jewellery, arrived in eight days.

It was exactly what I had imagined. The height was perfect and I believed my girlfriend and future wife is very happy and of course content with the approval of her father.
Thank you

Tania Lakes


I am William. Just bought two beautiful rings of bright to give my daughters-in-law.

My experience with SpinosaJewellery has been excellent. At the beginning was very lost and due to the wide range of rings that they have, i changed my mind everytime I went online. Manuel Spinosa Jewellery team had patience with me because, as the call is free of charge, I asked them several questions. As it was for my daughters-in-law, I just told the team the traits of my daughter-in-law and they told me which ring is the right one. I am now a very successful mother-in-law because I succeed with choosing the right gift.

Besides I have much fun. The website is well structured and I just let the images guide me through. You can choose the type of bright to choose and conforms to your budget. You have all the information of the features and price. So specialized, they are more recommendable than the largest of jewellers.
In summary, my experience has been very good.


"I want to congratulate them for the good treatment, quality and speed."
My dream is to find the perfect jewel without the hassle. Happily, I have received the product as expected, without any problem and with great speed.

"Congratulations and I think that you are a company to recommend"


Just wanted to inform you that on Friday I got the ring that I had commissioned, and far exceeded my expectations. It is really nice!  So I have to thank you enormously for working so well with my order. No doubt, I will again come to you when I have another whish.

A greeting.
Nadia Robert

"Today I received the engagement ring, I could not wait until the day of betrothal, I had to open the box. The truth is that it is beautiful, I had no idea how it will look, but I did and I like it even more than in the photo. "

Nuria Ryu

A very correct and personalised treatment. The ring and diamond are very nice and it's been a great success. "Without a doubt, returned to buy here."
Thank you very much,


"Quickly and service quality, with a magnificent attention customer service and competitive prices." "I do not regret the choice."

"Checkout very kindly to receive help and advice on selected diamond." I have received the shipment on the date stated on the web with all the documentation corresponding to the purchase. "Thank you sincerely for his treatment, for which I can recommend the purchase of articles in this establishment despite the doubts that, may arise, I had them and today I do not regret my purchase."

Vanessa Nicolson