Pictures of Diamonds – a Guide

If you want to buy diamond jewellery for your girlfriend or wife but have no idea, then why not look at pictures of diamonds? There are pictures which show how the different cuts of diamonds look like as well as the colors available. Learning about diamonds will be easier if you have access to this kind of photos. Did you know that rough diamonds or uncut diamonds do not look like the diamonds we see? The rough diamond looks like a dark piece of rock that is neither brilliant nor radiant.  Special tools are needed to process this ugly rock into something beautiful.

The rough diamond needs to be cut and then made to shine after being cut. Then it is smoothened to become the gems which shine brilliantly. When you see pictures of designer diamond rings, you will find some fairly common cuts. Probably the round brilliant cut is the one most of us are familiar with. This cut has facets that are triangular radiating outwards in such a way as to capture light to cause it to sparkle. Another brilliant cut is the princess cut which is square in shape but also has multiple facets.

There are also step cut diamonds which have sides sloping downwards. These diamonds have four facets and are said to be more open. Because the surface is open, flaws and inclusions are easier to detect in this type of cut. The emerald cut and the asscher cut are examples of this type of cutting. Look closely at pictures of diamonds with this type of cut and you can see how flaws and inclusions inside the diamond can be easily seen by the naked eye.

Then there is another type of cutting called the mixed diamond cut which uses the two cutting techniques to bring out the radiance of diamonds. This type of cutting is often used for colored diamonds. For more designer rings, please feel free to browse around the site.