Trending Today: Fashionable Silver Rings Catalogue

Are you on the lookout for some trendy or unique jewelry unlike any other? Why not look at silver rings catalogue for beautiful yet affordable rings? There are many silver rings catalogue out there on the market as well as the net. Silver rings can be as beautiful as rings made of gold or platinum without the high prices associated with them.

Because silver is a soft metal, it is also very workable thus designer silver  rings made of silver have peculiar designs that are unique from gold or platinum rings.


When you look at silver rings catalogue, you’ll most likely see the word 925 silver or 925 sterling silver. What is 925 silver? What is sterling silver? Actually, most silver rings as well as silver jewelry today is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy which is usually copper.

This combination makes the silver durable and hard enough to hold its shape as well as any designer gemstone rings that may be set on it. So when you see .925 or 925 silver or sterling silver, it is usually the same grade of silver. However, only silver mixed with copper can be termed sterling silver.

The system used for showing the purity of silver is called millesimal fineness system. Sometimes silver jewelry is stamped with the words 925 sterling silver to show the purity of the item. 999 silver often called fine silver is almost pure silver but is not suitable to be made to rings or other types of jewelry.


Sometimes you might find words like antique silver in silver rings catalogue. This just means that the silver ring in the silver rings catalogue has a different look from new silver design jewelry which is shinier. It could be because it is vintage jewelry.  Antique silver is silver that has acquired a patina which emphasizes the surface design of the ring.

There are some people who prefer the antique look of silver and will ask jewelers to add an antique finish to their jewelry.