Jewellery Images - Presentation and Appeal

Who has not been attracted by the jewellery images found on many websites selling jewellery. The pictures show items made of precious stones like diamonds mounted on various settings. There are solitaire engagement rings as well as complicated designs like halo rings – expensive engagement rings composed of a larger stone surrounded by smaller stones.

Rings are photographed with such sharp details that one can almost see the actual sparkle and brilliance of the gemstones used.  Earrings are presented in pairs with details like color of the gemstones highlighted or the design and detailing of engravings shown. Even items like bangles, bracelets as well as pendants are presented in the best light.

How do the photographers take these jewellery images? It’s all in the skill of the photographer and his or her presentation. Beautiful photographs are accomplished by using sharp and crisp focus. This is sometimes called the spot focus mode.

There may be some digital cameras which have this mode while others need to use manual focus capability cameras to get the desired result. More often than not, sturdy tripods need to be used to get the required steadiness. With the aid of tripods, chances of movement become nil resulting in clear images.

Another factor in creating appeal in jewellery images is proper lighting. Normal flash on cameras do not produce the desired results. Diffuse or soft lighting works better as well as the proper positioning of such lighting. Usually two lights are positioned on the sides of the jewellery item being photographed.

A third light oftentimes called the sparkler light is positioned in front of the jewellery and made to shine on the gemstone. This illuminates the gemstone causing it to sparkle. The position of the sparkler light is changed until the best sparkle from the gemstone is achieved. Then the image is taken and this is how designer jewellery photos turn out to be so beautiful.