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Designer Necklaces

Designer necklaces are beautiful and exquisite and are often used to emphasize the wearer’s décolletage. Necklaces are not only fashion accessories but also serve as symbolisms for some races.

Designer Necklaces Type

There are many different types of necklaces that are worn and sold today. The following are just some examples of designer necklaces sold in jewelry boutiques and stores today.

Choker necklaces are popularly worn tightly around the neck. Typically composed of only one single strand with one main accessory which usually is a flower design made from coral or paste materials. Chokers compliment simple evening gowns, emphasizing the beauty of simplicity and glamourizing it at the same time. 

Princess designer necklace ranges from 17’’ to 19’’ and is great when worn together with a pendant. The princess necklace is worn just below the collar bone of the wearer and is great for teens. You can see our selections of designer pendants that best fit your princess style designer necklace here. 

For a dramatic effect, many women would go for the opera designer necklace type. These types can either be worn in a single layer or can be double looped around the neck for a more elegant looking style. Opera designer necklaces go hand in hand with pearl earrings as it builds up the dramatic effect up front. 

Rope designer necklaces are your multifunctional necklaces that can also serve as your designer bracelets when looped together. A rope necklace ranges from 34’’ – 45’’ and is best if you want to maintain a more formal and elegant look in the morning and be ready for a meeting at night.

Are you ready to purchase your set of designer necklaces? Visit Manuel Spinosa jewellery catalogue to check out the various designer necklaces available. Necklace finishes are made of precious materials such as gold, silver and platinum. We also have a wide selection of pendants that you can pair your designer necklaces with.