Earrings with Pearls

Are you looking for a special gift for a very special woman? Why not give her a pair of earrings with pearls? Earrings with pearls have their own appeal and are suited to most women. They are basic accessories which can be very special depending on the design and style of the earrings. Earrings with pearls may come as studs or drop earrings as well as dangling earrings.

Stud earrings with pearls are usually large sized single pearl earrings which may or may not be accented with small brilliants. Choose the color of pearls closest to the skin tone of the recipient to complement her complexion. There are many colors of pearls nowadays such as white pearl, cream colored pearl, pink pearl and black pearl. You can also choose a nice contrasting colored pearl to accentuate the skin color of the recipient.

Earrings with pearls used in drop earring designs may be round, tear drop in shape or even baroque pearls. Drop earrings can also be made in chandelier style with more room for designs. Note that drop earrings are earrings that hang just below the earlobe and these earrings have limited movement if at all. They usually hang from the lobe with small attachments in a straight line.

Dangling earrings with pearls on the other hand are longer earrings which move, hence the term dangling. They may be a group of pearls stringed together or connected with metals and other embellishments like tiny chains. The chains or string of pearls allow for movement for the dangling effect.

It is important to note that most earrings with pearls are for pierced ears. Make sure that the recipient has pierced ears before choosing the earrings. However, there are pearl earrings that come with clasps although these may come in fewer in design for women who do not have pierced earlobes.