Silver Earrings

Silver earring make trendy accessories for every day wear as well as formal occasions. They are more affordable and they come in more styles and designs than any other type of metals. As silver is softer and more malleable, it can be shaped and fashioned into more intricate and complex designs which may not be possible with other harder materials. 

Filigree, drop, dangling silver designer earrings with gemstones like pearls, diamonds and colored gemstones are just some examples.

Choose silver earrings according to styles and designs that will complement your facial shapes and hair lengths. Hairstyle plays an important role in the style and design of earrings as well. Another factor is the occasion. Simple earrings such as studs with diamonds or pearls are better for office wear and daily activities. For fun social events, fun and funky as well as trendy fashion silver earrings will add to your stylish look. 

For formal affairs like social events, silver earrings with gemstones are better fits for the occasion. There are even silver earrings that come in unconventional styles with various shapes and sizes that range from the dainty to the outrageous. As silver is more affordable, it is possible to own several pairs in different styles to fit every occasion. In fact, one can have a whole collection of silver earrings.

Don’t forget to clean your silver earrings after every use with recommended silver cleaners and polish. When the earrings come with gemstones, take note of how the stones need to be cleaned. Keep silver jewelry away from humid environments whenever possible. 

Some people recommend soaking silver earrings in warm soapy water to remove makeup stains and then rinsing in clean water. Another tip from the experts is that you should avoid keeping silver jewelry in boxes made of wood as wood may contain acids which speeds up the oxidation process of silver.

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