Designer Bracelets

Bracelets are not only trendy and fashionable, they are also all the rage in town. Silver bracelets catalogues are popular among teens as they are more affordable whereas gold and platinum designer bracelets are usually worn by adults. 

Designer Bracelet Types

Charm bracelets are commonly worn on the wrist to reflect the style and preference of the wearer. The most popular type of designer jewellery in catalogue - charm bracelets is the Italian charm bracelet that has dangling charms around the chain. The charms comprise of objects that complement the wearer including their lucky number, gemstones as well as bits and pieces that serve as the wearer’s protection. 

Bangles are another example of designer bracelets that old and young alike would love to add to their fashion accessories.  Common materials used are plastics, beads, glasses and metal such as gold, silver and platinum.  Bangles are typically worn together to create a more exotic look to the wearer as well as display the gracefulness of her arms. 

Gemstone bracelets are popular if the wearer wants to enhance a part of their life. Rose quartz gemstone bracelets are popular with people who wanted to improve their relationships or are looking for romance in their life. A tiger’s eye gemstone bracelet on the other hand is said to improve business and attract money.

Choker bracelets are also the in trend in the fashion industry today. Multi-functional at the same time elegant looking, these type of bracelets can serve as a choker, a plus especially if you need to look elegant without having to change your day outfit. These types of bracelets may be made of beads with silver with the main design usually made of coral paste. 

For a more formal event, diamond jewellery bracelets are classic must-haves for every woman. Diamonds set on the bracelet can range from one simple cut to one surrounding the whole bracelet.