Silver Necklaces

Perhaps one of the most affordable jewelry today is silver necklaces. Not only does it look like platinum, which is one of the most expensive metals, it also makes one look fashionable without the extra cost. Since silver is soft and is very malleable, Manuel Spinosa  jewellers find it easy to carve it with intricate designs. So one might notice more detailed and intricate art designs on silvery jewelry pieces than on gold necklaces.

Silver Grade Types

Before you actually go ahead and purchase your silver necklaces, it is important to know that silver have different grades and this depends on the metal content that it is mixed with. 100% pure silver is impossible to make into design jewellery because it is soft just like gold; therefore many jewellers mix it with other metal.

Sterling Silver is the most sought after grade of silver because of its silver component which is composed of 92.5%. Sterling silver, also known as the 925 silver is perfect for just about any silver necklaces as it won’t easily tarnish and is ideal for everyday wear.

The next silver that one should be looking for is the Britannica silver which contains 95.85% silver. Aptly called Britannica, the silver is produced in Britain. Although it should be noted that the Britannica also contained 4.16% copper which can make the silver necklaces tarnish in the long run.

German silver or Alpaca on the other hand are often mistaken as real silver because of its greyish look. The German silver is not really made of silver and silver necklaces termed as such should not cost more than an authentic or sterling silver for that matter.

Last but not the least, is the silver plated silver necklaces. Silver plated necklaces are often cheaper than sterling silver but resemble it. The designer necklaces also easily tarnishes because the silver content is only on the outside covering of the necklace.