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Designer Engagement Rings – Status Symbol or Investment? 

Are designer engagement rings status symbols or investments? Many people today opt for designer engagement rings rather than the rings from just any jewelry store. The reasons given by some of them would be that these rings are unique, customizable and one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Others simply want to give rings that are made by famed jewellery brands. Some will even claim they are buying designer jewelry for the most important person in their lives as well as for investment purposes.

So what is it really? Actually designer engagement rings are special pieces of jewelry if and when you get your jewelry from reputable designers whose quality standards are the very best. Most designers take pride in their work. They’ve established their names and reputations not on just a few outstanding pieces but rather through hard work and consistent quality over time. Many of them even put their mark on the jewelry they design and sell. 

With so much at stake, it is unlikely that these designers will put the many years spent building their reputations at risk with low quality or haphazard work.  They will have certificates of authenticity or quality with many of the jewelry they sell to guarantee the quality of the craftsmanship as well as the quality of the gemstones in the designer engagement rings.

Designer engagement rings are status symbols for some people as they want to announce to the world that they are able and willing to buy the best for their loved ones. Other practical people also have it in the back of their minds the investment aspect as they know that with quality pieces, they can pass on the ring to the next generations as heirloom pieces as well as get more value if they need to sell the same. 

Hence, aside from having distinctively unique pieces of jewelry, getting designer jewelry has the added advantage of being investment pieces as well as symbol of one’s status. Visit Manuel Spinosa jewellery boutique today to find engagement rings for woman.