Finding The Best Gold and Diamonds

Gold and diamonds are just some of the more popular jewellery items today. Because gold has a deep yellow color and nice sheen to it, it is a very attractive material to use for designer rings, necklaces, designer bracelets and even cufflinks. Diamonds in the meantime are known to be the hardest material and shines brilliantly. This precious stone is much coveted because of its beauty and hardness. Have you ever wondered how and when the first diamond was discovered?

It is said that the very first diamond was found by a boy named Erasmus Jacobs in 1866 near a river bank in Hopetown, South Africa. The stone was sent to a geologist by the name of Dr. W. G. Atherstone who identified it. The stone was 21.25 carat and later named Eureka, meaning “I found it”. Three years later, a shepherd found an even bigger stone which was later known as the Star of South Africa.  Prospectors went to the area and many hoped to find more diamonds. 

Other diamonds were found until a stone bigger than 80 carat was found a hill located on a farm owned by De Beers which started a rush to the area. Later on the De Beers Consolidated Mines was formed and still remains today to be the one of the biggest mining companies.

Gold on the other hand has always been around since the ancient times but the discovery of gold in 1848 in Coloma, California can be said to have changed the world. Today, design jewellery made of gold and diamonds are sold almost everywhere and are quite popular because of the beauty and value of these materials. 

As investment, gold and diamonds are considered good investments as the value of these do not fluctuate so much. Besides, jewellery made of gold and diamonds are durable and can be passed on to the next generations.