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Designer Silver Rings


Designer silver rings come in a wide range of styles and designs. As silver is a soft, light metal it is easy to fashion into various intricate designs. Silver is whitish gray in color and is softer than gold and platinum. It is also less expensive than the other types of metal. 

Most designer silver rings will be made of 925 sterling silver which is composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal. As pure silver is too soft, another metal like copper is added to strengthen the metal while still maintaining its malleability.

Designer silver rings are available as silver designer rings in elaborate designs with or without gemstones as well as in simpler designs with assortment of gemstones added. As silver oxidizes easily, some people prefer to use silver rings as dress rings that are worn occasionally. 

While silver may tarnish, it can be cleaned using silver jewelry cleaners or you can have it cleaned by professional jewelers. However, as silver is also a budget friendly alternative, some couples on a budget have also opted for silver designer wedding rings. With these rings, special attention and care is needed to maintain the condition of the rings. Just be sure to remove the rings when planning to do any activity that may cause scratching or damage to the rings.

Designer silver rings may be highly polished or may have the natural look. It all depends on your preferences and styles. Highly polished silver has a better look than polished gold and even platinum. The natural look of silver on the other hand has a delicate, old world charm. Still other people prefer the look of tarnished silver which project a totally different look. All the different looks of silver just make for more choices and styles. Just be sure to choose sterling silver for your rings. Visit Manuel Spinosa jewellery catalogue for extensive jewellery selection and designs.