Antique And Estate Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Getting engaged can be a moving idea and what better way to do it than by having matching aquamarine engagement rings set. Aquamarine gemstones are lucky stones. It is said to be the stone for people who are going to get engaged because it promises a happy and long lasting marriage.

Antique or Estate engagement rings are in trend nowadays because of its classic and vintage appeal. Victorian antique aquamarine engagement rings are the most desirable because of its appeal and charm next to designer diamond rings. Typically the rings have intricate carvings of flowers, hearts or even geometrical shapes.

Choosing your Antique Aquamarine Engagement Rings

It is unusual today for couples who are going to get engaged not to shop together for their own designer engagement rings. Though in other countries, only women wear engagement rings, women proposing to men are now so common today that many jewellers also design men’s betrothal rings.

Different Cuts of Aquamarine Engagement Rings To Choose From:

Round – If you want to show off your engagement ring, this is the best cut to do so. The round cut is said to be the best cut if one is to show the stone to its perfection. There are many available round cut aquamarine engagement rings to choose from.

Emerald – The most sophisticated cut, many choose emerald cut for their aquamarine engagement rings because of its traditional look that would also work with modern designs. Emerald cut aquamarine engagement rings look fabulous when placed on platinum metal set. As platinum metal is scratch resistant, the metal would protect your ring for a long time.

Oval – Oval cut is similar to that of the round cut but is bigger and therefore emphasizes the stone of your engagement ring. If you have a large aquamarine gemstone, using this cut would enhance the beauty of the stone.


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