Amethyst Rings–Spirituality, Calmness and Clarity

People who are stressed and often overworked would find wearing amethyst rings to their advantage. Amethyst, the stone of sobriety and spirituality is popular even in medieval times as it provides protection from confusion and heals the person who wears the designer gemstone rings.

Many people often place amethyst stones under their pillows to relax themselves whereas others believe that the amethyst stone has the power to reveal visions while the person is sleeping. Today the amethyst stone is popular because of its violet hue. The most popular shade of the amethyst is the “Deep Siberian” which has a grade of 75-80%.

Purchasing your Amethyst Rings

As amethyst stones are also considered by some as sobriety and friendship stones, many purchase amethyst designer rings as presents or gifts to be given to their friends and loved ones. There are many different types of amethyst stone that you can purchase depending on the place where the stones are mined. Here are just some places that have different amethyst stones that you can consider:

  •  Clear, very pale amethyst crystals – often found in Vera Cruz, Mexico

  •   Reddish hematite inclusion on amethyst – Thunder Bay, Canada

  •  Brownish purple with color patch – Pennsylvania, USA

  •  Clear and dark amethyst, finest, extremely rare – Ural Mountains, Russia

Generally amethyst stones are graded according to the following terms: Bahain, Uruguayan and Siberian. Amethyst stones are also more often than not found in round cuts. This enables the stone to reflect and show its true colors.

And since the purple color is synonymous with royalty, amethyst is very popular with royals and monarchs as well as ancient rulers, often included in the family jewel collections. Many rulers are seen with amethyst rings adorning their hands while others prefer to wear amethyst brooches.

Choosing your amethyst rings can be fun and exciting, choose the one that you like best. Visit Manuel Spinosa jewellery catalogue today.