Eternity Rings – Lady’s Forever Ring


As symbols of eternal love, eternity rings are one of a kind and usually symbolize that there is no beginning and ending in one’s love for the other. Eternity rings are usually given by husbands to their wives during a momentous time in their lives. This is usually the birth of their first born.

Eternity rings usually come in two types. Full eternity rings which have designer diamond rings or stones located all the way round and half eternity rings which have only stones or diamonds set partially in the ring. The full diamond eternity rings are usually more expensive and cannot be adjusted so it is important that one should bring the wearer for a custom fit.

On the other hand, a partial eternity ring is less expensive and is easier to adjust depending on whether the wearer wants to resize the eternity ring or to change the stones set. Partial eternity rings are also more comfortable to wear as they weigh less.

Where to Wear Your Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are usually worn together with either the desinger engagement rings or wedding ring. Some women replace their wedding bands with the eternity rings so as not to hinder their fingers. The eternity ring is worn on the fourth finger of the right hand. An eternity ring that is given to represent events other than marriage can be worn on different fingers.

Style and Settings

Styles and settings for eternity rings depend on what one wants. Usually eternity rings are set using the claws or prongs that push the stones in place and hold them tightly. Other settings include pave settings or channel settings which place smaller stones together.

The metal finish can also be customized according to one’s preference. White gold rings, yellow gold, silver and platinum are just some of the metal finishes that are popular nowadays, not to mention that some metals are rhodium plated making the ring sparkle.