Jewellery Online- Choosing The Perfect Jewel 

Green, Rose, Pink Gold?  Yes, they do exist. Aside from the usual white and yellow gold that one comes across in gold jewellery online and physical jewellery stores, these types of gold are fast becoming fashionable because of its unusual but appealing characteristics.

White Gold

White gold is the most popular choice for many people because it resembles platinum but is more affordable than the latter. White gold seen on white gold rings and jewellery online is usually a mixture of both gold and another metal that have the color of white like appearance such as manganese or nickel.  Although in some Western parts, nickel white gold is not used because of allergy concerns. Many still prefer using white gold in their jewelries.

Green Gold

Like white gold, green gold is also a combination of different metals that are infused together. Jewelers often remove the metal copper to be able to achieve the greenish color of the gold.  Green gold has been popular as far back as the 800 BC to the Lydians who lived in the western Anatolia region.

Rose Gold

Popularly known as the “Russian Gold,” rose gold or pink and red gold, the rose gold was raised to fame due to its popularity in Russia especially with its connection to the Russian royalty. The rose gold uses a combination of gold and copper. A rose gold usually have 75% gold content whereas a red gold have 50% gold content.

Yellow Gold

Perhaps the most popular among all the types of gold, yellow gold is the most common type of gold and is usually mixed with copper and silver to form the metal into a ring or a piece of jewelry.  A 24 carat  gold is the purest form of the metal although it is not used to make a jewellery piece because of its extreme malleability.  18 carat gold is the most common purity type of gold used in crafting jewelleries.

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