Aquamarine Rings: Sympathy, Trust, Friendship

Do you always find yourself at the centre of unwanted attention? How about maintaining some peace and serenity in your life? It is time to get your own Aquamarine rings. Aquamarine designer gemstone rings can probably help you fend off gossipmongers at the same time help you develop long lasting relationships.

Aquamarine Rings – Sailor’s Lucky Stones

Aquamarines are favoured since the olden times as “lucky stones” for sailors and is said to have come from a mermaid’s treasure chest. The vivid light color of the stone also reminisce one with the color of the sky and the ocean.  It is said that the power of the aquamarine stone is further increased by placing it in the water while being bathed by sunlight.

Aquamarine gemstones are also popular for married women as it indicates joy and long lasting marriage for couples. Women who are to get married wear aquamarine designer rings during their wedding day.  The gemstone is also popularly used by people who do meditation and some healers use the stone as they believe that it has the power to calm their patient.

Buying Your Aquamarine Rings

Aquamarine gemstones are classic favourites of designers and collectors alike. To purchase your own aquamarine gemstone, look for any inclusions in the gemstone. Most aquamarines should be free of inclusions and have a good hardness of 7- 8.

Want to know the value of your aquamarine stones? The more intense the color of the gemstone the higher the price it commands. The pureness of the color of the gemstone enhances the shine of the stone making it more valuable than any other kind.

Now that you know more about the gemstone, why not go ahead and purchase your own aquamarine rings? The ones that come from Brazil are highly prized because of its rareness and beauty. You can also ask your designer jewellery boutique to call you up once a beautiful set has been made.