Why Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Are Perfect For your Loved Ones

The emerald cut diamond designer rings is a stunning ring with the long lines and broader surface. Compared to the round brilliant cut or the princess cut, it is less popular and may be less brilliant but has a definite appeal. It gives out brighter and more dramatic light flashes due to the broad surface and is elegant and sophisticated.  

The name emerald cut indicates that this style of cutting was originally developed and intended for emeralds to address certain issues with the properties of the emerald. The cut is generally described as a stepped rectangular cut with the corners cropped. It was later found to be suitable for cutting diamonds as well.

When buying an emerald cut diamond ring, it is important to check the quality of the diamond. Choose the highest quality of designer diamond rings you can afford as the open shape of the cut exposes imperfections. Flaws of the stones like color weakness or poor cut are easily detected by the naked eye whereas in the round brilliant cuts, it is more difficult to discern. 

However, one advantage of the emerald cut is that the price is lower not because of poor quality but because it is not as trendy as the princess cut nor as traditional as the round brilliant cut diamonds. Thus, for the same size and quality, an emerald cut will be priced much lower than the other two cuts of diamond.

An emerald cut diamond ring may not be a traditional ring but make beautiful designer engagement rings. Since it costs less than the traditional ring, it is also possible to buy a larger stone size. Most emerald cuts are cut in the ratio of 1:1.5. However, some people prefer longer and thinner cuts while others may prefer the shorter and fatter stones. Whichever you prefer, keep in mind that for this type of cut, the four pronged setting is required.