Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Want to be different? Yellow diamond engagement rings can make any engagement proposal special. Yellow diamonds or canary yellow colored diamond engagement rings are special.  They  are limited only because it is rare. This is why  it is expensive but not overly so.


The color of canary is very popular when one is looking for yellow engagement rings because the color is the ideal hue or shade to compliment the skin tone of the person wearing the designer engagement rings.

How To Choose Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Before you buy your engagement ring, it is preferable to choose your diamond while it is still loose. This would give you a better idea on the colour, cut, clarity and carat of the diamond. It is also important to check the undertone colour of the diamond because this would affect the stone’s appeal.

You should also check your designer diamond rings for clarity and brilliance. Often times, you can check this by observing the color of the stone. It should be uniform in all areas and reflects light. A diamond that does not reflect much can be a sign that there are  flaws and it is improperly cut.

The most expensive yellow diamond engagement rings are the ones with vivid yellow hues whereas a faint yellow is worth much less because of the lighter shade. Any cracks on the stone can also affect it so it is important that you check the diamond before and after leaving the jewellery boutique.

Learn the local trade language or jargon that people often use. This would help you to understand the basic terms as well as negotiate for a better price. Yellow diamonds are considered as fancy diamonds because they are coloured just the same as  blue, pink or black diamonds.

After choosing your yellow diamond engagement rings, it is important that you ask for the diamond’s certificate. This would show the origin of the diamond as well as detailed information about its grade.