Beauty of Men’s Gold Rings

Men’s gold rings are wider than women’s rings because of their bigger hands. They are about 3mm or more and are thicker too. Most men’s gold rings are designer wedding rings as there are still some men who do not wear jewellery. By tradition, women wear jewelry while few men if any do.

It was not until World War II when men were given rings by their wives that men wore wedding rings. As it was not known when the men would return from war duties, women gave rings for them to wear as signs of love as well as reminders. Many men chose to wear the rings to announce publicly that they were married and unavailable.

From that time onwards, it became tradition for men to wear rings and this is when men’s gold rings became more prevalent. As gold does not tarnish unlike silver, it became the material of choice. Today, some men opt to wear jewellery with a few willing to wear as much as they can without appearing vulgar. 

Men’s gold rings were set with gemstones especially diamonds to show status as well. As wedding bands or rings became more elaborate, the men’s gold rings had to follow suit so that their version of the wedding designer rings match that of their wives.

As with rings for women, men’s gold rings come in 14k to 18k gold as well. There are yellow gold rings, white gold rings as well as rose gold. There are also two tone or three colored gold rings. These may be plain bands or bands with designs made of the metal or a combination of metal and gemstones.  It is also possible to find several celebrity-inspired gold rings for men as it is no longer taboo for men to wear jewellery. It all comes down to one’s choice and style.