Build Your Own Engagement Ring

So you want your engagement to be special. Why not build your own designer engagement rings? Preferably, you can ask her to come along with you while pretending that you are shopping for your friend’s engagement party. The insights that you will garner will be valuable. Who knows you might end up proposing to her right then and there.

So how do you go about building your own engagement ring? Here are some tips:

Build Your Own Engagement Ring Tip # 1 – Know your Stones

Diamonds or Gemstones or Pearls? It is often said that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are mesmerizing creations of nature with the ability to sweep every woman off her feet with its magnificence and awe inspiring beauty. However, since diamonds are rare and extremely expensive, one can also opt to use cultured designer pearls rings or even gemstones or semi-precious stones. Gemstones like a person’s birthstone is also ideal as an engagement ring set.

Build Your Own Engagement Ring Tip # 2 – Know Your Betrothal’s Hand Shape 

Slender, Long, Short, Wide. Knowing the size and hand shape can save you from endless returns to the jewellery boutique. If you want to surprise him or her, you can always loop a piece of string around his ring finger to get his or her size. Another way is to use his or her existing ring to get the dimensions and size.  Measuring or observing the finger shape can help you choose what engagement ring would look good on him or her.

Build your Own Engagement Ring Tip # 3 –Know Your Metal

The metal finish is one of the most important facets of building your own designer engagement rings. White gold, gold, silver, platinum, rhodium plated alloys are just some of the precious metals that are often used when making an engagement ring. Some metals may cause allergic reactions so it is important to know the metal content of the ring that you are making before you sign the slip.