Gold Rings Catalogue – Finding the Right Gold Ring

Anybody who wants to buy a white gold rings made of gold would naturally want to look at gold rings catalogue first. Ask for a catalogue from several jewellery stores and boutiques or look at the websites of these stores online. You might find other name brands that sell gold rings on the internet only. As you look at the photos or images of the gold rings you might wonder why are there 18k or 14k or even 10k gold. A lot of you will know that the higher the number before the “k” represents higher purity of gold.

The “k” you see in the gold rings catalogue is karat and is different from carat (or ct). Karat is used to denote purity of a metal while carat is used as a measure of the weight in a designer gemstone rings, especially diamonds. Karat is measured in fractions out of 24 parts so that 24k means a hundred percent pure gold. 18k therefore means 75 percent gold, 14k is 58.3 percent gold and 10k is 41.6 percent gold.

As gold is a soft and malleable metal, it is mixed with other metals to become a harder alloy which can stand up to wear making rings more durable. The other metals may be copper, silver, nickel, zinc or platinum. Prices of the designer jewellery rings increase with higher purity of gold in the metal alloy used as well as the nature of the other metals in the alloy.

As you browse through the gold rings catalogue, you may observe that there are more 18k gold rings than any other purity. This is actually the European standard as well as most accepted American standard.  It is popular because of the deep color of the gold and the rich sheen the ring possesses.

Jewellers find this grade of material easy to work with and. It is commonly used for high end fancy jewellery. 14k gold rings are more common as wedding bands because of its durability and tarnish resistant properties. 10k gold rings on the other hand are requested by some buyers because of its affordability.