Pendants Catalogue

Are you thinking of buying a pendant for yourself or for a loved one? Then look at several pendants catalogue to find the best one. Designer pendants maybe made of sterling silver, gold or platinum as well as gemstones. Beads and other materials like corals, shells and animal bone are also used. Ceramics or polymer resins may also be used as pendants.

When buying from a pendants catalogue, keep in mind the personality of the recipient. Does he or she like a particular gemstone? Does he/she like modern or vintage styles? Do you want to give letter pendants or animal pedants? Do you want symbolic pendants like heart-shaped, key-shaped or a cross pendant?

What if you’re buying a pendant for a man? What are the types of pendant available? Check out the pendants catalogue and you will see that many belong to the following groups:

  • Dog tags or military style pendants - these usually come with ball and chain type of necklace.
  • Skulls pendants – these are masculine type of pendants but don’t go for the grotesque kind.
  • Animal shapes – Some masculine styles are the tiger or dragon pendant.
  • Bone pendants – these could be large animal teeth or tusks.


Men’s pendants designer necklaces are heavier and thicker in diameter than women’s. They are usually made of silver, gold, stainless steel or titanium. The chain types are also heavier styles.

For women, pendants with jewels are usually given for special events or occasions. Women’s pendant designs are also more ornate with more detailing. There is also more variety in styles and materials. The most popular are the solitaire diamond pendants, heart shaped pendants and locket style pendants.

While there are many lengths of the chain that may be used with pendants, the most popular is in the 17 to 19 inches length for women and slightly longer for men. Visit Manuel Spinosa jewellery catalogue for more pendant designs today!