Gemstone Rings Catalogue – Natural, Genuine, Synthetic or Simulated 

Are you shopping for gemstones? Looking at gemstone rings catalogue can be helpful in finding the gemstone of your choice. There are many different kinds of gemstones available today and looking at gemstone rings catalogue is only one way of choosing the type that you want.

Should you go for a natural gemstone? Or a faux pas gem? Depending on your budget and what you want to use it for, designer gemstone rings, whether it’ s a fake one or natural can add beauty and enhance your outfit. So how do you go about choosing the type of gemstone?

Natural Gemstone

Natural gemstones tend to be mined from caves and are only cut or polished by a jewellery boutique or store before being sold in the market. Not all natural gemstones are expensive. Depending on the quality of the stone (which seasoned jeweller’s appraise), some gemstones can be affordable. Before you purchase an expensive engagement rings from a gemstone rings catalogue, it is best to know the origin of the gemstone.

Synthetic Gemstone

Synthetic gemstones are manmade stones that are created in laboratories to simulate the look and feel of the original stone. Imitation stones or faux stones often are made of glass or plastic material. Composite gemstones on the other hand use a small genuine piece of the stone and combine it with an imitation stone to produce the desired gemstone.

Some synthetic gemstones are expensive and superior workmanship increases its value. However, there are also synthetic gemstones that one can see in gemstone rings catalogue that are affordable.

Coloured Gemstones

Coloured gemstones are fast becoming favourites. Coloured gemstones are treated to improve the appearance, often increasing the quality and beauty of the gemstones. The treatment also deepens the color of the stones so it becomes more vivid and intense.

Whether you choose a genuine or synthetic gemstone for your designer jewellery ring, always remember to check the information written in the gemstone ring catalogue to help you better understand and appreciate your gemstones.