The Beauty Of The Pearl Rings Catalogue



Pearls are one of Mother Earth’s priceless gifts to human beings. From a few specks of sand and the spittle of the shell, a pearl is born. There are literally hundreds of designer pearl rings that one can see from the extensive pearl rings catalogue. The most priceless of all is the black pearl.


Genuine or Not?

Because harvesting pearls takes time, many people now resort to cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are man-made although there are different ways to make it, either through laboratory or though artificially inseminating the oyster.


Difference of Natural and Cultured Pearls

Unlike natural pearls that have thicker layers, cultured pearls have less nacre layer around the mother pearl. Cultured pearls also tend to have iridescent finish unlike natural pearls. The color and appearance of natural and cultured pearls tend to be different depending on the irritant as well as the living conditions of the oysters.


You might have noticed the word “freshwater pearls” or perhaps “baroque pearls” while browsing through designer jewellery pearl rings catalogue and might wonder what it is. Freshwater pearls are common and thus are less expensive than saltwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are formed using freshwater mollusks or mussels.


Freshwater pearls can come in different colors depending on the bleaching and dyeing done.  Baroque pearls are freshwater pearls that are irregular in shape which some designers delight in using because of its unique shape.


How To know if the Pearl in the Pearl Rings Catalogue is Real or Fake

There is no known way to tell if a pearl is real on designer pearl rings catalogue unless you ask the jeweller to present it to you physically. It is therefore important that you choose a reliable jewellery boutique to purchase your pearl set.


Having a trustworthy and reliable jeweller to craft your pearls set makes it worthwhile. Therefore, if you are shopping for pearls, relying on pearl rings catalogue alone is not enough. Find a jeweller that you can trust and you will have a love affair that will last for years to come.