Manuel Spinosa was born in the tradition of jewellery making since his grandfather opened the first store in Cataluña in 1958. Manuel Spinosa studied jewellery design at the school of Fine Arts in Tarragona, where he learned the ways of jewellery designing. 

After eight years of experience as a designer in the boutique of his family, Manuel moved to Barcelona where he acquired extensive knowledge in setting of precious gems and settings with brilliants.  

And in 2006, Manuel opened in Marbella the first Exclusive Manuel Spinosa Jewellery Boutique, which launched his career as an entrepreneur.

An Interview with Manuel Spinosa

R: From what part of Spain are you?

M: I’m originally from Tarragona, a beautiful city with Roman origins, although most of my years in training as a jewellery designer and modeller were spent in Barcelona which is 100 kilometres away from Tarragona.

In making your jewelleries, do you think that it is in your blood or are you just continuing a family tradition? 

I think it is both. I am a descendant of both tradition and passion. I grew up in the jewellery field where my grandfather, Manuel Spinosa, also my namesake, opened the first store in Tarragona in 1958. For me, jewellery designing is not only a business but also a passion. I love everything about fashion. I love creating new things and taking on new challenges.

R: What do you like most about your profession?

M:The magic of creating something from my client’s thoughts, being able to capture their imagination and translating these into beautiful and unique jewelleries as well as earning my client’s trust is what I like the most. 

If you were given a chance to meet any famous or important people, who do you think would best wear your creation and why?

Because Marbella is such a wonderful city, it is a popular tourist spot and attracts lots of people giving me a chance to meet famous people around the world. Some of the people that I have already met include: Ana Garcia Obregon, Carmen Martinez Bordiu, Princess Maria Luisa of Prussia, Antonio Banderas and Melanie, Eva Longoria, Maria Bravo, etc,.  

For me personally, however, it was very special to design a jewellery sculpture of Marbella “Venus” in 18k gold with Australian pearls and have it worn by Maria Luisa of Prussia. She is a great humanitarian and the founder of Association of Concordia which helps everyone with AIDS. 

R: How long have you been a jewellery designer?

M: I was 5 years old when I started learning the art of jewellery making. I already made my own designs as well as Dalineanos abstract style. 

R: Do you also sell your jewelleries internationally?

M: Currently, all of my collections are available in Spain; however we have been planning for three years now to find the best company that would franchise my collections in various countries. Mexico and the U.S. are in my plans and we are hoping to make this into reality soon. You can also visit our site at for more information.

R: Can you tell me something about your collections? What do you think will be in season or in fashion today?

M:The fashion trends for jewellery today include combining elements together to create a powerful look. For women who are elegant and work in the corporate world, a large ring with unique design is a must. 

On the other hand, for active or athletic woman, jewellery for everyday use is ideal. In my latest design, both concepts and lifestyles are taken into consideration. As such, I have created designs wherein one can remove a part of the ring to make it practical for day use and bring it back together for an evening out.  Our clients can choose the size of the ring as well as the design if they want a different theme.

R: Who or what inspires you when you create the designs?

M: My inspiration mainly comes from Vostro, the woman who wants to become beautiful and who is confident of her femininity.

R: Can everybody buy Manuel Spinosa jewellery?

M: Everybody can buy Manuel Spinosa jewellery. I define affordable luxury! I try to have a wide range of prices available. This is to ensure that everybody gets their own quality and luxury jewelleries at an affordable price. We have jewellery made of sterling silver, 18k gold with semi-precious gems as well as diamonds.

R: How do you describe Manuel Spinosa as a person?

M: I would say he is a noble person who is passionate in his work, someone who enjoys creating, sensitive, charming and hardworking.


1. How was it like when you first started in jewellery designing?

M: I was lucky to be destined for the profession, through family inheritance from the jewellery sector, but I have great memories as a student at the School of Fine Arts in jewellery design, I learned new ways of designing, I opened their minds to more daring designs and classic jewellery break.

I feel as if I’m destined to be a jeweller as our family mostly leaned towards jewellery design. I have fond memories of when I was a student at the School of Fine Arts In Jewellery Design, I learned new ways of designing jewelleries and at the same time helped inspire a new way of incorporating classic designs with modern ones.

2. Do you think that having jewellery as your family’s tradition affected your entry to the jewellery world?

M: Not at all, the truth is that even if my family is composed of great and professional jewellers, I am different in a way as I want to modernize the jewellery industry by providing superior quality pieces that fit one’s budget. My philosophy is that I want jewelleries to become “affordable luxuries” without having to sacrifice the quality and originality of the products’ design.

3. Do you follow trends in making your own jewellery?

M: I follow trends and since I’m particularly close with fashion designers, models, agencies and stylist, I think it helped me to be aware of the latest in the fashion industry. I think that jewellery is a full fashion therefore it is important that one should always be up-to-date.

4. Do you favour using one type of metal finish as your signature or trademark? 

M: No. I think the secret to the success of my jewelleries is my ability to use a wide range of metal finishes as well as using other materials such as gems, colours and shapes in my jewellery making. I like to experiment and design jewelleries and since I have worked with different clients many of the designs in my boutique are suitable for all types of people.

5. The holidays are coming up. What do you recommend as gifts or presents for your client to buy?

M: I would recommend the latest in my jewellery pieces which have been infused with different metal finishes such as – silver, gold and platinum set with semi-precious gems and diamonds. Another thing that I would recommend are the latest Manuel Spinosa limited watches.

6. What are the essential jewellery pieces that every woman and man must have? 

M: I think that every woman should have a pair of earrings, a classic diamond chaton pendant that can be stylish and elegant and an exquisitely spectacular ring. For a man, one sports watch and a modern yet classic one.

Company Information:

Manuel Spinosa Jewellery started its operation when Manuel’s grandfather opened their first jewellery store in 1958. The huge success of the store enabled them to expand their services. Today, 3 physical stores stand and are readily available for walk in clients. An online store has also been launched for clients who prefer the convenience of home shopping. Manuel Spinosa is currently expanding its services and will soon open branches and jewellery boutiques in targeted locations for our client’s convenience.


Manuel Spinosa is an innovative concept that heads the fusion of jewellery designing with 50 years of family experience in the sector, making it an exclusive brand, setting it apart from other brands of jewellery. 

Manuel Spinosa is original, exclusive, elegant and high quality jewellery designs, mixing sterling silver, 18 k gold and platinum with semi-precious gems and diamonds. He creates unique and impressive jewellery pieces making it a success for his client. His success is an extensive collection of modern jewellery, quality and competitive price. 

Boutique Manuel Spinosa

Manuel Spinosa is part of a new era of Jewellers of the 21st century, covering the requirements of the evolution of society requiring modernity, originality, quality, image, professional advice, excellent service, good price and after-sales warranty on products

Manuel Spinosa products include: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches, watches, handbags and pendants.


Manuel Spinosa Jewellery Collections:

Silver Collection: made with Silver 925 ml with semi-precious gems, jewels have high-quality polishes and settings; all are rhodium plated in 18 k 5 micron gold.
Gold Collection: 18k Gold with semi-precious Gemstones and pearls.

Diamond Collection: made in white gold or platinum with diamonds of different sizes and quality. All jewellery is sold with a certificate of quality and guarantee. This collection specializes in rings of commitment and fantasy.

Wedding Collection: This may be in white, yellow and rose gold, platinum and diamonds specializing in jewellery for the bride and groom.

Manuel Spinosa creates his own collection of timepieces, offering a wide assortment of quartz, automatic, chronograph, and digital watches. The watches follow the latest fashion trends in the sports, clothing lines and fashion industry. All watches are made of high quality materials and come in competitive prices.  

*Manuel Spinosa guarantees 2 years from any manufacturing defect from the day the product leaves the factory.


Manuel Spinosa’s regular customers are women aged between 30 and 60 years belonging to upper-middle class looking for unique design, superior quality, affordable price, excellent service and warranty. They are modern women who have the passion for fashion and jewellery. Modern, independent, urban and cosmopolitan women looking for jewellery for everyday or special events are our target market.

Some of the clients also include men who buy jewelleries for their loved ones, fiancées and girlfriends. Others come to purchase watches as well as male rings, bracelets, cuff links and tie pins.

Manuel Spinosa Jewellery:

The company believes in service par excellence. In line with this, we guarantee all clients will be satisfied and pleased with our products and services. With that said, our team of craftsmen are dedicated in bringing only the best quality in terms of design and style. We assure you that when you buy a Manuel Spinosa Jewellery, you will be getting the following: 

Unique and Exclusive Design

Enjoy one of a kind designs and latest styles. Our designs are exclusive, in a class of their own and are world class in sophistication. 

When was the last time you felt special? Manuel Spinosa Jewellery makes a woman feel very special. We offer the latest 3D technology and computer graphics so our clients can truly customize the look of their jewelry or even design their own. This would ensure that the jewellery is perfected even before it is made. 

Superior Quality

Value For Money. This is the reason why we, at Manuel Spinosa Jewellery, work only with the best from the materials up to the latest cutting edge technology in handling, preparing and manufacturing our jewelleries. We implement strict quality control and offer 100% satisfaction for our clients.

Quality Diamonds

We believe that our clients deserve the best. This is why we only do business with legitimate diamond suppliers. One of our suppliers is the HRM Diamonds, one of the oldest and most trusted diamond suppliers in Europe. We do not deal in contraband or conflict diamonds so our clients are assured that they will be getting clean diamonds only for every purchase that they make with Manuel Spinosa.

Excellent Prices

We believe that everyone should have their own jewellery pieces. As we do not go through third parties or intermediaries, we can offer our clients lower prices compared to other jewellery stores. As we deal directly from the start to the finish, we save a lot. The savings are thus passed on to our clients through lower prices of our jewellery products. 

Our clients can also enjoy the following: 

  • Free Shipping And Insurance
  • 7 day Money Back Guarantee and Exchange Policy

Our Jewelry Products

Manuel Spinosa jewellery is made of high quality materials and is classified into the following groups for our client’s convenience:

Silver Collection:

Our silver collection is made of 9.25 silver metals also popularly known as “Sterling Silver.” All of our silver is plated in rhodium, a metal belonging to the platinum group, to ensure that the jewelleries will maintain their whiteness. The rhodium plating also prevents the silver from tarnishing readily thus ensuring that you will get to enjoy your silver collections more. 

We also offer sterling silver plated in 18k gold. This ensures that the gold plating will last for 2 years.  Browse around our site for our silver collections – silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. 

Gold Collection:

Our gold collections are not only famous for unique styles and designs, but also because they are made of 18 karat gold or 750ml of gold with semi-precious stones. We have white gold and yellow gold pieces available for each design so that our client can choose which metal finish he or she prefers.

Diamond Collection:

Our diamond collections come in different sizes and materials in 18 karat gold and platinum finish. All the diamonds in excess of 0.35ct have certificates of origins and the Manuel Spinosa Jewellery warranty. The diamonds have certificates from International Gemological Institutes such as as GEMACIT, GIA and HRD.

Watch Collection: 

Are you looking for the latest trends in quartz watches, automatic, chronograph and digital watches?  Browse around our site for designer watches designed by Manuel Spinosa. All watches are guaranteed for 2 years at the factory.

Our Services:

Our team at Manuel Spinosa Jewelry is committed to give you the best in terms of services. We have a dedicated team for each department ensuring smooth transactions and strict quality control. We offer a minimum of two years guarantee for all the services mentioned.

As the most important thing for us is your satisfaction, if you are not satisfied with our products and services, we have a money back guarantee policy. Please inform us the nature of your dissatisfaction and we would attend to it as soon as possible. 

Design Services:

  • Personalized and exclusive design

  • Reproduction Jewelry

  • Modifications of the jewels acquired

  • Jewelry Styling and Consultation

Workshop Services:

  • Jewelry Repair

  • Repairs of all kinds of Watches

  • Polishing and Jewelry restorations

  • Diamonds and Jewelry Appraisal

  • Issuance of Diamond Certifications

  • Resizing of Rings

  • Jewelry Recording

For any questions or a quote please contact us or if you have any questions, please visit the FAQ section, thank you.