Pendants Pictures

Pendants can make any designer necklaces look lively. What is more is that it can totally create a new look for you. There are different types of pendants to choose from which you can see through pendants pictures not only in the internet but also in jewellery stores.

Gold Pendants

Gold pendants are popular because it looks sophisticated and are very appealing. Gold pendants pictures show pendants in 14k or 18k. Usual styles ranges from simple cross locket styles and others which are combined with semiprecious stones like diamonds or gemstones of amethyst, blue topaz and even sapphires or rubies. Others also prefer having their birthstone as their pendant’s main design.

Platinum Pendants

If you are allergic to many metals but still want to wear necklaces, you can do so by using platinum as the metal for your necklace and pendant holder. Many pendants pictures show platinum as popular must haves because of the hypoallergenic features. Platinum is also hard, durable and scratch resistant so you are assured that your necklaces will still look fine over time.

Sterling Silver Pendants

Sterling silver pendants are also commonly bought by young or college kids because it is cheaper than gold or platinum necklaces. Designer pendants made from sterling silver casing are also popular and often offer more intricate designs as silver is malleable. Sterling silver pendants pictures show contemporary and traditional designs.

Titanium Pendants

Titanium pendants are one type of metal that is gaining popularity because of its scratch resistance properties. Titanium is also light weight and hypoallergenic meaning it is non-toxic and is also compatible with the human body. Titanium are also a popular choice with sports athletes especially swimmers because it does not tarnish.

Before buying your own pendants, make sure to check out the designer jewellery pendants pictures carefully.  Checking the pictures ensure that you won’t miss a thing or you will be able to ask for more information especially the size and price of the pendants as some catalogues don’t print it.