Watches Images


Don’t you just love to look at watches images? There is just something so attractive about the display of designer watches images on stores and even websites that draw the eye. Have you ever wondered when the first ever watch was made?  The first watches or time pieces were made in the 16th century in Europe.

This was the time when clocks were slowly changing in size to become watches. They were rather large pieces that were worn on a chain around the neck and were more design jewelry pieces rather than functional time keeping pieces.


Later in the 17th century, men began to carry watches in their pockets on a chain. Sometime in 1838, Louis Audemar invented the stem winding mechanism and Philip Patek made the first wristwatch in 1868. In 1880, Girard-Perregaux made wristwatches for German naval officers and two thousand watches were made. 

This was probably the first commercial production of watches. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that watch manufacturing became standardized in terms of mechanical design and materials.  When you see watches images made from this era, you will find the gradual improvements in design and the sizes of the wristwatch.

Then around 1950, the first electric powered watches were made and in 1969 the quartz watch was introduced. By the year 1980, quartz watches became the popular choice and overtook mechanical watches in sales.


Today there are so many types of watches with multi-functions. When you check the many watches images in many brands, you can find very complicated watches which can be used for many purposes. There are sports watches for swimmers, runners and hikers. There are even watches that measure energy spent during a physical activity.

There are also digital watches where numbers are displayed instead of the standard dial with the hour and minute hand. Today’s designer jewellery watches have certainly come a long way from the clocks and first time pieced of the 16th century.