Rings Pictures – Find Your Ring Size

Are you planning on buying a ring for yourself or for someone special? A good place to start would be with rings pictures. Several jewelry boutique stores whether online stores or not have rings pictures showing the various types of rings made of various materials. These brochures describe the rings in detail including the size of the gemstones when gems are present. Materials of the metallic bands are indicated as well. You can choose from there.

Should you choose to buy from an online store, some of you may have another problem. What if you don’t know your ring size or that of the person you’re buying it for? It is very convenient now to find the size of your designer rings from charts showing size of rings pictures. If there is an existing ring, you can place the ring over the circles shown on the rings pictures and find which size it is.

Make sure that you use the inner circumference of the ring for accuracy. If you have no ring to use, there are rulers found online. Get a paper or a string that does not extend and wrap this around the finger for the ring until it overlaps and make a mark on where the two ends meet. Then align the paper or string with the ruler and you have your ring size. Whenever the length falls between two sizes opt for the bigger size.

It should be noted that it is better to measure later in the day as fingers tend to swell during the day and temperature of the hands do matter. Heat swells the fingers while cold shrinks them. People who have large knuckles should also choose the bigger size for comfort. If the ring you want to buy has a wider band, opt for the bigger size too. Thus with sizers of rings pictures and the images of the rings, you should be able to buy a ring that fits well. Visit the virtuemart of Manuel Spinosa jewellery to see a wide range of engagement, wedding rings.