Why Look For Pictures of Gemstone Rings Before You Buy

Designer gemstones rings are popular accessories today not only because they are cheaper than diamonds but because many of the gemstones are beautiful and distinctive. Contrary to some notion that gemstones are only appropriate as costume jewelries, many gemstones, as evidenced by the proliferation of pictures of gemstone rings in the internet, have found their way to being worn by royalties as well as high profile and influential people.

Rubies, for example, are regarded as holy in India. Amethyst rings and stones are considered as symbol for the goddess Aphrodite. Gemstones are also regarded by some to have protection powers and many people like the sailors use aquamarine stones to ward off evil during their sailing.

Modern Day Gemstones

Because mining the genuine gemstones requires days in the mine caves, not to mention the shipping and processing, there are now so-called synthetic or composite gemstones being sold in the market today. These types of gemstones are also regarded for their beauty that competes with that of the original.

One would find labels on pictures of gemstone rings indicating that the gemstones are natural, synthetic and composite. Natural gemstones are highly prized although badly cut and gems with flaws tend to fetch lower price and can even be priced the same with a synthetic one.

Synthetic gemstones on the other hand are man-made and are generally made inside a laboratory. The scientist uses a small piece of the original stone and combines it with other elements to enhance its appearance. On the other hand, composite gemstones are the faux pas kind and are usually made of glasses that are treated to look like the original gemstone.

Pictures of gemstone rings show the beauty and grandeur of the gemstone rings; however, it is important to remember to ask the jeweller the type of stone that you are interested in the pictures of gemstone rings. This would eliminate the problem of paying excessively for the wrong type of designer jewellery stone that you want.