FAQ1 - 
Q: Can I trust when buying a diamond from Manuel Spinosa Jewellery?

A: All our diamonds are verified and certified. All the specifications are listed for our customer’s reference.  All diamonds over 0.50Ct. will be delivered with a certificate - Manuel Spinosa Guarantee and certified by an International recognized Gemological Institute.

Moreover, our extensive experience as specialists and professionals in selling natural diamonds, allows us to give you the best advice in choosing among several similarly certified diamonds. 

Q: Should I buy a diamond in a jewelry store that looks pretty good?

A: Before purchasing a diamond, be sure to:
Request for a copy of the certificate.
Request for a written quotation

Failure to follow these steps might not ensure that you are paying a fair price.

Q: How do I know that your jewelry is really 18 karats?

A: All of our jewelry comes from “Laboratorio Oficial de Contraste de nuestra Comunidad Autónoma.” The stamp (K) karat in our jewelry is required by law throughout Europe and appears in each piece. The gold pieces must properly pass the 750 stamp, followed by the initials of the Autonomous Laboratory and the number of the official issuing it.

Q: Do you have platinum jewelry?

A: Yes, we also offer jewels made of platinum, 18k gold and sterling silver 925. If the design is not offered in the metal that you would like, please contact us and let us know which one you prefer.

Q: How do I find the ring size?

A: We have a ring sizer available for download so that you can determine the ring size. 

Q: Do you customize  and design exclusive jewels?

A: Our design department can run a computer graphic of the design and style of the jewelry that you want. Our clients also have the option of changing the metal type, number of diamonds, gem dimensions, color of precious gems and adjust any of our products to fit their budget. Contact us for more information.

FAQ2 - Prices

Q: Do you charge additional fees for shipping?

A: All national and international shipments are secured. 

National shipments are free of charge.

European shipments: 50€.

Outside Europe shipments: 150 €

Q: Do you sell without VAT?

A: No

Prices include VAT.
Prices of gold and diamond products may vary depending on the price of gold and diamonds on the world market. The jewelry market is volatile and precious metal prices increase and decrease.   It should also be noted that prices vary, specially  products like diamonds.

Resizing the ring is FREE.

FAQ 3 - International Sales

Q: Do you sell outside of Spain?

A: Yes. You can order from anywhere in the world.

FAQ 4 - Payment Methods:

A: You can pay by bank transfer, credit or debit card.

FAQ 5 - Product Warranty

  • All our products are supplied with a certificate from Manuel Spinosa Jewellery as diamonds guarantee, plus all diamonds over  0.50 carats are certified by a gemological laboratory.
  • All the jewellery are made of gold 18 karat, platinum and silver 925ml.
  • All jewelry pass a strict quality control and polishing standards.
  • All jewelry is unique and exclusive, which can only be purchased at the  Manuel Spinosa Jewellery store.
  • The jewels are delivered in an elegant gift box.

Watches Guarantee

All our watches are brand new and have a 2 year warranty for any manufacturing defect.

FAQ 6 - Conditions of exchanges and returns of Jewels bought at Manuel Spinosa Jewellery
Changes: 1 month since you made the purchase. The product will be returned un the same conditions as it was pruchased.
Returns: In no case will be returned the money. It can be excanged for another similar product or if you prefe, we give you a voucher for the amount of the jewel returned, without expiration date.

FAQ 7 - Manuel Spinosa Jewellery Shopping Boutique

Manuel Spinosa has the Jewellery Boutique located in the Spanish city of Marbella. 

Manuel Spinosa Jewellery has a professional staff qualified to provide advice and excellent care. If you need help with your purchase or need information please don’t hesitate to ask our qualified and professional team.

If the item is not up to your standard, please feel free to contact us or visit our store for more information.

We offer the option to design and customize the jewel of your dreams; our team of qualified professionals in jewelry design ensures an excellent job. You can visit our store and ask our store staff about making your own jewelry pieces. 

For other information, please contact us and we will reply within 24 hours.