Manuel Spinosa Jewellery, offers an exceptional range of Natural Diamonds adapted to the needs and budgets of its customers, having in mind the value of their illusion in special and unique moments.

Maintaining a professional quality and a “savoir faire” with the design and the creation of pieces, Manuel Spinosa Jewellery offers perfect finishes for a lasting jewel life and full customer satisfaction.

Manuel Spinosa Jewellery has positioned itself as an exclusive reference in Malaga, "Costa del Sol" through experience and full dedication: selling Precious Gems and Natural Diamonds, where quality, cut, color and clarity play a fundamental role, together with professional and conscious work, turn out a perfect Jewel.

Manuel Spinosa Jewellery has achieved to stand out in the International sales of Diamond Engagement Rings: classic or unique designs, simple or avant-garde, all of them innovative, handmade and meticulously finished.

Each ring tells a story and is inspired by everyday life and the emotion generated by the right Jewel for the right person. Manuel Spinosa Jewellery focuses on bringing brightness to the most important occasions in life. Engagement Rings and Fine Jewelry  meet the highest quality standards. Each piece is designed for beauty and comfort and are constantly tested to ensure long-lasting quality and value.

Manuel Spinosa Diamonds Jewellery  are exclusively natural and certified: they are bought from the largest and most respected suppliers, who pride themselves on enforcing professional ethics at all times.