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We love to have the opportunity to create especially for you an unique master piece of top designer jewellery. We are masters in creating jewels that you will love. We always use the latest 3D technology to create the most beautiful jewels for you.

Marbella Luxury WeekendMarbella Luxury Weekend

Send us an email with your desired design, desired stones and desired metals and we will make your jewellery to the highest standards in a period of maximum 1 month.


Now you can create your own ring in real-time by making an appointment through our website and connect in person with the designer and jeweller Manuel Spinosa. We will share our innovative design software on the screen of your computer through Skype so you can select from more than 3000 designs and personalise it on the spot, adjusting measurements, type of gems and colour of the gold. Manuel Spinosa can advise you on the style of jewellery that suits you best, according to your needs and tastes. We will provide you with real-time realistic photos of your ring and a quote and if you approve of the design, we will begin creating it immediately so your ring will be ready within 1 week.

Don't hesitate, contact us and schedule a meeting and you will not be disappointed.

If you don't know exactly what is possible, don't worry, we will call you and together we create the jewel of your dreams. Write me an email with your personal details and I will contact you as soon as possible.  

Manuel Spinosa trabajando en una joya

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Manuel Spinosa