Wedding Bands - For A Beautiful And Meaningful Wedding

A wedding is not complete without wedding bands. Long before men began wearing rings in the form of white gold, platinum and other semi-precious metal, men have already start with wearing anything that shows ownership. In the medieval times, men often tie a knot in a woman’s hand to signify that he is binding the woman to him for eternity. It was not until the early Victorian period that wearing of wedding bands became famous.

There are many different types of wedding bands that are in trend today thanks to the evolution of fashion style and preference, not to mention the influence of popular celebrities and fashion icons. Manuel Spinosa designer jewellery wedding ring collection offers a wide range of wedding rings made with diamonds and other semi-precious gemstones.

Wedding Band Types:

Customized/Personalized Wedding Bands - Popular among couples nowadays, customized wedding bands allow for personalization of the rings which can include engraving of personal messages on the ring, changing of metal finishes as well as conceptualizing the entire design of their wedding band.

Diamond/ Semi-Precious Stones Wedding Bands – Wedding bands that are plain are no longer creating a buzz with the introduction of diamond encrusted wedding bands that shows beauty and creativity to the wedding bands. Couples can add and reduce the number of stones in their wedding bands as well as shape it into any other shapes and size they want. Popular shape includes heart and circle shape embedded in the wedding bands.

Simple Wedding Bands – For the couples who love simplicity, a simple wedding band is ideal. Simple wedding bands exclude elegance and a sense of timelessness on it. It usually comes in white gold, platinum, tungsten and yellow gold and usually complements that of the engagement rings.

Whatever wedding band you choose, it is important that you are happy with your ring’s look. To find the perfect wedding band of your choice, simply browse around our site for the different wedding bands available.