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Designer Rings 101: Choosing your Own Rings


Rings have for the most part of history played an important role. In the Victorian era, designer jewellery  rings were used to identify a noble house and said that to be given a royalty ring or ring owned by the King or Queen alters the person’s life. Today, wearing a ring can symbolize a change in status, personal expression or even one’s cultural history.


Types of Designer Rings


Religious Rings – These types of rings are usually worn by clerics or imams. These include aqiq rings, ecclesiastical rings and even rosary rings.


Relationship Rings – Typically worn by people in relationships including engagement ring, wedding bands, eternity rings, friendship rings, claddagh and promise ring.


Multi-functional Rings – These types of rings are made with dual purpose, serving as fashion accessories at the same time being used for other features. Samples include poison or pillbox ring, signet ring, watch ring and dinner ring.


Expression Rings – worn by young adults and pre-teens, expression rings are worn to express ideals, thoughts and feelings of the individual. Samples include purity rings, multi-finger rings, mood rings, posie and mourning rings.


Whichever one you choose designer rings are affordable and would match any outfit you don. Choose among the wide collection of Manuel Spinosa designer jewellery.