We all know the benefit of having custom jewellery. Not only will you be receiving compliments for having  unique jewellery piece, but you  also get to recycle your old jewellery pieces which can be beneficial especially if you received estate jewelleries or jewelleries that are heirloom pieces. These jewelleries are great, however the style and design might not suit your taste and fashion sense.

With that said,  customising your jewellery can bring you something unique without costing you much in the process. If you have a design in mind or sketch of a jewellery design that you want done, then many jewellers can do it especially now that innovation and technological breakthrough makes almost everything possible. Many jewellers now also uses CAD software which is a 3D software that makes the design realistic so clients would be able to know or adjust any flaws before creating the real jewellery pieces.

Materials. With regards to materials use, one would also be happy to note that the materials use can also be altered. If you have an allergy with nickel or any alloy or metal substances, you can talk with your jeweller. The jeweller can then recommend which metal to use. Another advantage is that one can also choose higher or lower valued metal which is ideal especially if you have a budget in mind. You can choose from platinum, white gold, yellow gold, silver and even gold plated bands. 


There are many types of jewellery pieces that one can customized so one has variety of options to choose from. One can choose from designing bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets and even brooches. One is limited only by one's imagination. If you are interested in learning about personalized or customized jewellery pieces, please contact us and one of our jewellery staff members would assist you in your jewellery needs.

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