diamondsA diamond ring is generally given to a girl to indicate a man's intention of marrying her. The basic reason behind giving a diamond ring is to signify the relationship to be remained forever. It is so because the diamond is durable and this durability is meant to last for a long time to come. In the same way, a love worth of a wedding is meant to last eternally. Apart from that, this stone can represents many other meanings.

It is therefore, suggested that men should consider about the meaning of any jewelry item before giving it to their partner. It is particularly important if they are giving it on their engagement. It should not be given carelessly in any jewelry because if diamonds are meant to be forever, then a profound meaning behind them should also be one meant to remain forever.
This forever-lasting meaning of diamond is significant for other relationships too. For example, if your children give you a diamond pendant, you should be grateful for their love that is inimitable. Similarly, if your sister gives you a diamond bracelet to you, the same would also hold true.

There are different shapes and cuttings of diamonds that show different meanings. For example, a pear shaped diamond represents that you are adaptable and tempered; an oval shaped diamond shows that you risk-taking and creative; while a round shape signifies that you are easygoing and trustworthy.

A diamond engagement ring is actually an assurance of the everlasting future wedding. It is a considerate gift with guarantee, an agreement between two persons with the same intentions of getting married. Out of all the items of jewelry, those given with diamond stone are the ones that speak the loudest about their meaning. The one reflects an assurance of relationship to the one who puts on it.