Silver Bracelets

Want to look good without spending too much? Silver bracelets are not only pretty adornments; it can also launch your career as the most fashionable girl or guy in the block. So why are silver bracelets the in thing today?

Not only are they cheaper compared to gold, platinum or even titanium, but also because they are easily accessible. They look good on just about anywhere you put them and most of all, authentic and genuine sterling silver does not tarnish or easily damage like some precious metals do.

The Beauty of Silver Bracelets

Long ago silver was considered as jewelry of the poor. Nowadays however, silver is in high demand, even surpassing the demand for yellow gold and white gold. Gold is often considered as much more expensive than silver and the latter cannot beat the former. In terms of durability, however, silver will definitely come out as the winner.

Unlike gold, where the purest of its form tends to be softer, silver has no problems maintaining its shape and design. Isn’t it annoying to see a bangle or a gold bracelet bent out of shape after two or three times of actually using it?

White gold on the other hand might contain nickel metals that can make some people react to it badly. Mixing white gold with palladium, which is another option, is often more costlier as palladium is also another member of the group of metals belonging to the platinum group which is very expensive.

Sterling silver bracelets on the other hand give the impression that white gold and platinum gives, which is class and sophistication with its lustrous and shiny appearance and comes with a lower price.

As silver is easier to craft, there are different silver bracelets with beautiful filigree or artistic designs that are more intricate and detailed giving the impression of perfection personified. If you are looking for something that would push you to the top, then silver bracelets can do it for you.


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