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Designer Diamond Rings

Have you ever decided to check out designer diamond rings as a form of investment? Perhaps one of the most logical investments that one can make is investing in jewelleries especially diamonds. A small diamond cut into perfection costs more than a house and a lot. This is the reason why many opt to invest in designer diamond rings than real estate investment.

How to Choose the Designer Diamond Rings 

Diamonds increase in value as time goes by; with that said, it is important that you know how to choose the right diamonds to invest in. With the proliferation of man-made crystals and cubic zirconia made into perfection, it is hard to determine which are real and which are not especially if you are looking at diamond rings pictures

To choose the diamond, you have to know the 4 C’s grade system which includes clarity, cut, colour and carat.  The most common colour for diamonds is the yellow diamond. The most expensive and highly valued is the D coloured diamond grade. This is because the colour is extremely rare and is thus more expensive. 

Another thing to note is the cut of the designer diamond rings. The diamond’s cut should be in such a way that it allows light to pass through and maximizes brilliance of the diamond. A poorly cut diamond looks dull whereas a good cut allows the crystal to sparkle and become alive.

No matter how small the diamond, the clarity of the diamond affects its price as well. To judge the clarity, the diamond is graded through the inclusions it has which can be viewed by master jewellers such as Manuel Spinosa. The highest grade for diamonds is “F” or flawless.

Last but not the least is the “carat” of the designer diamond rings. All in all the carat of the diamond determines the price of the crystal.  The heavier the diamonds, the more expensive it is. However, a bigger diamond does not however guarantee that you will have a beautiful diamond with you. Therefore it is important to check the diamond itself and not just the carat. 

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