Designer Watches

A watch is a staple for just about anybody. Today’s watches not only serve to tell time, they have also now become indispensable parts of fashion accessories. The modern watches, like Manuel Spinosa designer watches, forms a part of a fashion statement of the wearer. 

Designer Watches Types

Mechanical watches are traditional watches that need to be manually wound in order to work. More often than not, winding occurs depending upon the instructions of the watch maker. Mechanical watches are rarely seen nowadays since quartz, automatic and kinetic watches came into the market.

Quartz watches are battery powered and the battery is the one that causes the quartz to vibrate moving the hands of the clock.  Automatic and kinetic watches use the wearer’s movements to generate energy that would be used to move the hands of the clock.  

Automatic watches rewind themselves whereas kinetic ones does not need any winding.  Solar watches use light as the main source of power.  Solar watches tend to be more accurate and have the same accuracy as that of a quartz watch. 

Designer Watches Designs

Pocket watch – used heavily during the Victorian times, pocket watches are usually made of gold with a folding cover and a chain to hold it close to the body. Today, the pocket watches are only used by a few and are usually used as an ornament and at designer jewellery fashion shows. 

Chronographs – chronographs are popular among sports athletes. The chronographs have a stopwatch function that can be useful especially during training period.

Chronometer – highly specialized watches that meet precision standards set by the COSC. Chronometers tend to be more expensive because of these precision instruments.  Equation of time, moon phases are just some of the features of chronometer watches. 

Diver’s Watch –water and shock resistant, the diver’s watch not only tell the time but also other features that are relevant when it comes to diving. Diver’s watch needs to be magnetic resistant as well as chemical resistant especially when divers need to go way down below sea level. 

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