Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

The Asscher cut engagement rings became popular recently when famous stars were seen on popular TV shows and movies wearing these designer rings.  Before these shows, the Asscher cut engagement rings were less sought after compared to the round brilliant cut diamonds.  

What is Asscher cut? Actually the cut was first developed by Joseph Asscher in 1902 in Holland. It is sometimes called a square emerald cut although they are not exactly the same. The Asscher cut is defined as a step cut with a high crown. There are two types of Asscher cut – the Royal Asscher which has 74 facets while the more common Asscher has 54 facets.

Asscher Cut designer engagement rings are beautiful rings that may be set as solitaires with accents on the sides of the metal band or around the stone such as a halo accent. Because of its open cut, there are some basic requirements that need to be met when choosing this type of cut. 

As we all know, diamonds are chosen based on the 4C’s -  Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity. Carat is easier explained as it refers to the weight and thus size of the diamond. Asscher cut diamonds need to be cut symmetrically and perfectly to be good. So when you buy the diamond, its cut should be classified as good. The color of the diamond has to be what is called H at the minimum as the cut is more open there is less brilliance. 

Any discoloration will thus be more obvious. With this type of cut, one is more able to distinguish the flaws and imperfections of the diamond. With the brilliant cut diamonds which has many facets, the light is reflected by the facets in many ways thus causing the sparkle diamonds are known for. At the same time, the reflections tend to hide imperfections easily. The Asscher cut, on the other hand, exposes any imperfections in the diamond. 

Thus when it comes to clarity, most asscher cut diamonds need to be at least SI1 grade. Note that Asscher cut diamonds need a 4-prong setting. When buying Asscher cut engagement rings, ask for the diamond’s certificate of authenticity to get a good quality designer diamond rings.