Earrings with Diamonds

Earrings with diamonds make perfect gifts for many occasions. They can be given as anniversary gifts, special birthday gifts such as 18th birthday or 21st birthday, graduation gifts and even as wedding gifts of parents to their daughters. Nothing brings a sparkle to the eyes and dazzle to the smile of a beautiful face than the brilliance and radiant sparkle of earrings with diamonds. As designer earrings are worn nearest the face, they bring out the natural beauty of the face.

Earrings with diamonds come in assorted styles but maybe classified into these groups:

  • Studs – The diamond stud earrings are classic in style and make perfect first gifts to any girl or woman.  Of course with studs, the bigger the diamonds, the better. The favorite diamond shapes for studs are the round brilliants or the princess cut diamonds. Diamonds set in 18k white gold bring out the best in the diamonds.

  • Hoops – The diamond hoop earrings are more playful and more contemporary styles which can add style and elegance to informal wear like t-shirt and jeans. They are set in various metals with different settings and can be worn with almost any attire be it formal or informal.

  • Diamond drop earrings and/or dangling earrings – The diamond drop earrings are the most sophisticated style of earrings with diamonds as these styles are more elaborate. Multiple diamonds in combination with other gemstones maybe used giving a more luxurious look. These earrings are more suitable for evening wear with the hair done in updo style. The drop earrings add sparkle to the face and give the appearance of a longer neck.

When choosing to buy earrings with diamonds, ask for the diamond certificate. This is one way to ensure that the diamonds in the earrings are high quality. Another way is to buy from jewelers with good reputations. Manuel Spinosa diamond designer jewelleries are 100% genuine and authentic. Visit our site for more information on differnet jewelleries today.