Silver Rings

Are you in despair because you want to buy a ring for your loved one but fear you may go over budget? Then the answer to your problem is the silver ring. The silver ring is an affordable alternative to gold and platinum rings which can be very expensive. But you want a ring with a gemstone to be used as an engagement ring? No problem. 

There are many beautiful and highly polished silver rings that come with gemstones. The silver ring with gemstones has a totally refreshing look unlike rings made of other metals. Did you know that polished silver looks better than gold and platinum? When chosen with much care and thought, the silver ring used as an engagement ring can be just as beautiful as traditional gold engagement rings.

The silver ring may be softer thus making it more prone to scratching and bending. But when used with care, it can last a long time. When cleaning silver rings, gentle washing in warm soapy water and drying with a soft cloth is ideal. Silver rings are mostly made of sterling silver which is a combination of 925 parts silver to 75 parts copper. 

The name sterling silver is said to have been first used in the 13th century in England. Some think that the name is a combination of the words esterlin, a Norman word meaning little star and stiere, an old English word meaning strong or immovable. Others claim that the name came from the currency used by some German towns collectively known as the Easterling. 

Their currency was made of 92.5% silver and known for hardness and high quality. Certainly the percentage of silver in the alloy has made the metal perfect for use in jewelry especially in the silver ring.

Did you know that the silver ring may also be used as statement ring and dress ring? Because of the affordability of silver, it is used extensively as part of fashion jewelry as well.