Necklaces with Diamonds

Perhaps, the most intriguing and popular designer necklaces with diamonds that affected history and started a revolution was “The Diamond Necklace Affair” which saw Queen Marie Antoinette to her end.  The necklaces with diamonds is said to have a total of 2,800 carats of diamonds and is separated into a choker, a three wreathed festoon and the necklace proper.

The History Behind the Necklaces With Diamonds

The necklaces with diamonds were commissioned by Louis XV for the beautiful Madame du Barry by the jeweller Charles Bohmer. By the time the necklace was completed, the king was already dead and the Madame was banished.

The necklaces were put on display by Bohmer in hopes that the new queen, Marie Antoniette would purchase it, but the queen declined the necklace because it reminded her of the last queen. It was again presented to her but was repeatedly declined.

The necklaces with diamonds were later secretly purchased by Cardinal Rohan, who was infatuated with the queen. The Cardinal, who was detested by the Queen, was led to believe by his mistress, Lamotte that the queen ordered him to secretly purchase the necklace for her.

The necklace was bought and Lamotte gave it to her husband who divided the necklace and sold the diamond pieces. Later on, the queen found out about the necklace when the jeweller went to see her and asked for settlement of the account. This resulted in the queen asking for Lamotte, the Cardinal and Boehmer to stand public trial.

The trial acquitted the Cardinal, forgave the jeweller and charged Lamotte with thievery. The incident started the French Revolution and many nobles were arrested and killed. The controversy behind the necklaces with diamonds resulted in tainting the image of the queen. Ultimately, it led to the toppling of the monarchy and saw the beheading of the former queen.


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