Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Do you want to make the special woman in your life feel like a celebrity? Then choose pear shaped engagement rings for her. Did you know that the pear shaped engagement rings are the types given by famous celebrities to their equally famous loves? The biggest and most famous pear shaped diamond ring given was to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton, a 69.42-carat beauty. Another is the ring, Nick Lachey gave to Jessica Simpson, a four carat pear-shaped diamond.

What makes these designer engagement rings special? The pear shaped cut is actually a combination of the marquise cut and a round cut as is shaped like a pear or teardrop. It combines the brilliance of the round cut and the slim beauty of the marquise cut resulting in a diamond that is brilliant and fiery in its sparkle. 

It is the sophisticated cut that brings elegance to any type of setting whether simple or intricate. This cut also has the effect of making fingers look longer and slimmer especially when the designer rings are worn pointing away from the one wearing it. Most pear shaped diamonds are set perpendicular to the metal band of course, but the ring may be worn with the point facing away or toward its owner.

The pear shaped engagement rings make spectacular rings. However, if should be noted that you should choose the diamond and look for these two possible defects. One is the bow tie defect. When you can see a black bow tie from many angles, then it is a defect. Avoid it as it lowers the value of the diamond. 

Another is to check that the shoulders or the rounded end of the diamond should be even and nicely rounded. Uneven lines in this area are also considered defects. These two defects can be seen by the naked eye even though the diamond certificates will not indicate them. This is also why you need to buy pear shaped engagement rings from reputable jewelers especially if you are buying from online sites. 


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