Emerald Engagement Rings

Are you on the lookout for unique designer engagement rings? Then why not check out emerald engagement rings? An emerald is a beautiful green gemstone that belongs to the beryl family with the green color attributed to chromium or vanadium traces. The word emerald comes from a Greek word “smaragdos” which means green stone. 

Emeralds have been known since ancient times and are believed to have healing properties. Some people believe emeralds bring good luck and increase clairvoyant powers as well. Did you know that the emerald is said to be Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone?

Emerald engagement rings make special designer rings as green is symbolic of life and continuity. Emeralds have also long been symbols of constant love and the renewing energy of spring. While the emerald is a hard stone, it is also brittle which is why the emerald needs to be set securely when used in rings. 

Emeralds that are blue-green are valued more than stones that have yellowish or brownish tinges in them. The color of the stone should be uniform to be considered a quality gem. There may be some inclusions in the stone but it should not detract from the stone’s brilliance. While the cut most commonly used is the emerald cut or the square cut, there are also some cuts made similar to those used on diamonds. 

You should also ask your jeweler some information about the emerald such as if it has been treated and the extent it has been treated. You should also ask if the stone is synthetic or mixed or all natural. Natural emeralds are the most valuable gems, of course.

There are many styles of emerald engagement rings. There are solitaire rings, solitaires with diamond accents, and the three stone arrangements. There may also be large bold emerald rings or small petite stones for women with smaller hands. They can be set in yellow gold or white gold and in various sizes and shapes. For truly unique designer gemstone rings, why not choose emerald engagement rings?