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Designer Gold Rings

Are you thinking of buying gold rings? Why not try some designer gold ringsDesigner gold rings are beautiful and specially designed gold rings by famed designers for people like you looking for unique and specialty rings. 

Designer gold rings may be given as gifts for special occasions, as engagement rings and even wedding bands. With so many types of gold rings on sale, how does one choose the right kind of gold ring? Here are a few pointers.

Designer gold rings as well as most other gold rings will have markings on the inside of the band. The markings indicate the karat weight. For engagement and wedding rings, the accepted or preferred type is 18k gold. This can be white gold, yellow gold and even rose gold. Most women choose the same color for the engagement and the wedding rings. 

As the engagement and wedding rings are symbols of significant events, the stronger as well as more durable 18k gold is chosen for these two kinds of rings. These two rings are expected to be worn daily so that the metal should be sturdy enough for longer wear. 

On the other hand, dress rings for both men and women from designer gold rings collections can be made of 18k, 14k and even 9k gold. Individual preferences and budgets will be the determining factors of course.

When choosing designer gold rings, think of the lifestyle of the recipient. Large gold rings with big gemstones project a bolder look while the smaller rings make for a daintier look. Plain and simple elegant rings, on the other hand, are classics and can go with almost any attire. 

Yellow diamond engagement rings are suited for a more traditional style or look while white gold rings make for more modern statements. There is also the option of combining the new and the old in the two toned gold rings which are a combination of yellow gold and white gold.