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Designer Pendants

Designer pendants are wonderful addition to one’s fashion accessories especially if you want a totally different look every day without adding strain to your budget. A single necklace strand can look different every time you change your pendant design which means that buying only 3 types of designer necklaces can give you more than a variety of looks.

Solitaire Pendant Diamonds

Perhaps the most popular of all types of pendants are the solitaire pendant diamonds. The unique design allows the pendant to enhance the beauty of the diamond thus highlighting the beauty of your diamond. You can choose from a variety of diamonds that are available  from the classic white diamond to yellow and black diamonds. 

You can also accentuate your pendants by choosing small gemstones to surround your primary stone or add other materials like pearls to further enhance the beauty of the pearl. One example of the diamond pendant is the Star of David pendant with 20 brilliants surrounding the primary stone.

Limited Edition Designer Pendants

Also noteworthy to mention are limited edition designer pendants of jewelry boutique. These types of pendants are sold only in limited quantity and not mass market for anybody else. These ensure that the pendant’s design and quality are appreciated by only a few and since it is limited, once the stocks are gone, the chances of the jewellery store re-issuing the design are minimal. 

Limited edition designer pendants may or may not have gemstones and may be made with precious metals only like the Arch of Marbella pendant which is made of 925 silver and gold plated. Almost all of limited edition pendants are part of a collection with a certain theme so if you want to have it all, you can collect all of it to be a part of your own collection.  Manuel Spinosa designer pendants are inspired by the beautiful town of Marbella, where 300 days of pure sunshine is said to be present all year. With that said, the sun of Marbella is often the theme of the collection.