Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Do you want your proposal to be unique but at the same time romantic and memorable? Rose gold engagement rings will do the trick for you. Not only is it beautiful, it also breaks the tradition of proposing with the usual white gold, yellow gold or platinum designer engagement rings.

Why are Rose Gold Engagement Rings Extraordinary?

Unlike the original yellow gold, rose gold is unique in that the added copper allows the gold to produce the red color. The more copper that one mixes the gold with, the stronger the reddish color. Another thing that sets the rose gold apart is its mirror like appearance. The mirror like quality reflects the light ensuring that it would draws attention even if it is unintentional.

The rose gold is also sometimes called the Russian gold because it was popular during the olden time in Russia. Many powerful people including the royalty used the rose gold for their engagement rings and even designer necklaces and earring. Many Russian weddings are sealed with a combination of interlocking rings of gold, white gold and rose gold.

Taking Care of Your Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Many people have doubts about purchasing their own rose gold engagement rings simply because they think that the rose gold is softer with 75% of it being gold. Even though the rose gold is softer, the content is just right so  that taking care of it properly won’t damage it.

Properly taking care of your rose gold engagement rings can prolong its life. Here are some ways to help you maintain the quality of your rose gold engagement rings:

  • Soapy Water. This is the most common way of cleaning jewellery. Soak your rose gold engagement rings in warm water with mild soap and leave it for at least 10 to 20 minutes to allow the dirt or grime to soften. Afterwards use a soft cloth or cotton to wipe it dry. Do not use a toothbrush. Although it is common practice, your jewelry might incur scratches or marks.

  • Jewelry Cleaning Products. Your jeweller understands that their clients are busy; this is why many jewellery boutiques or stores sell jewelry cleaning products. Although the products are much more expensive than your regular cleaning products, this ensures that your rose gold engagement rings maintain its quality.